Frankenstein Monster

Frankenstein monster is in the Pentagon
He’s making all the soldiers mow the lawn
There ain’t no weeds and all the flowers gone
Where or where will the bees be gone
They’re telling us that this is a bloodless song
With missiles and bombs and fighter jets
No soldier will die
That’s just it
They’re mowing the grass and all the bugs get lit
But they forget
Buildings are broken
Bodies are lying
Babies are dying
Rich are driving electric limousines
Yachts and planes and all sorts of things
Its good for America They sing
Terrorists be gone
They created
They belong
This lie they have been singing
All along
You know Frankenstein
He’s not sounding so good
A sickness under the hood
Someday he’ll be dead and gone
That will be good

By The Minister Peaceful Poet (that’s me) 11/17/17


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