He’s Delusional

She says he is delusional With a vision in his head
We all once loved each other
Its all in his head

Did you really not want
Don’t you really need
You don’t have to forgive
Just accept what is
Men are men and can’t be women
We were made for eachother
I am you and you are me
Together we are free

He’s delusional
Can’t you see

Ego stonewalling won’t let it be
You are you and I am me
Won’t be touched by you

Children play without permission
Cats and dogs get pets too

Men keep hands in their pockets
Emotions emotionless Frozen in sockets
That’s just how it is
Now go to war
Kill someone for me
So I can be free
If you die
A hero you will be

They say he is delusional
Believing none of this is true
He just wants to dance the dance
feel the sunlight
in you

By: Minister Peacefulpoet (that’s me) 9/11/17


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