Just Need To Touch
I hate you
I love you
I want you
Leave me alone
Get away
Please come back
Do we ever really know what we want
Hurt me - I deserve it
Please me - I deserve it
Love me - I so need it
Leave me - I just want to be alone
and in silence - so depressed
When your tired you can’t rest
Have to work but its hard to stay awake
Nothing can ever be right
That’s what’s always wrong
Somebody lead me
Being lead on
We hear music but not the song
Listen to the song
We don’t understand
I just want to hold your hand
Let me please hold your hand
You will feel the calm
With your hand in my palm
You don’t have to know
or understand
just a human touch
to calm the nerves
that’s all we need
touch me
I’ll touch you
hold me
I’ll hold you tight
through the night
you’ll sleep sound
you’ll sleep tight
that’s all I so want
for you
Close your eyes
its alright
By The Minister Peaceful Poet (That’s Me) 11/25/17

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