There is so much romance in war
Truth is
There is no peace
Dead don’t come back to life
None of it
Can ever be undone
The dead won’t rise
All this fantasy Is a lie
The dead are dead
They don’t live
They die
Your death
Is walking
On two feet
The spirit of life
Only wants to cry
Death to the promoters of war
They who tear up the fabric of life
Who collect the money
By creating strife
May they know sickness
May they never be well
Who sold their soul
And take your life
Reverse the fantasy
See the insanity
The truth is not in front of you
Its not behind you
On the inside
Peace is freedom
Love is fantastic
The kingdom within you
The truth you know
War shakes it up
and tears the inside out
Crying out
They lied to you
You died
God please
Give me back my life

By The Minister Peacefulpoet (that’s me) 11/17/17


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