A Law Of Karma
    Waiting To Be Learned

She had my body
But she wanted my soul
And I said no

Honest and open
She would attack
Blood spealt
She refused to clean it up
My emotions slipped
I laid flat on my back
No longer a man
But a piece of floor tile
    she just couldn't stand

Honest and open
She was shut out
Even from herself

When I was good
I was bad
When I was bad
I was terrible
Some dark evil creature
    of the night
I would never be right
    for long
She would always find something wrong
Even if I was happy
She would attack
With something I did wrong

She crushed my rainbow
    and silenced all bird songs

Confusing her pain
    with my sin
A victim of something in the past
I was the dog she kicked

When there was nothing left of me
She left me
Now I'm left alone
Without a soul to give
Half alive
In a partial state of confusion
Wonder if I lived an allusion

Ya, I was good for her
But she really hurt me
Someday - When she's honest with herself
She'll discover - she never loved me
It all adds up
The cost is hers
    and it's high
The mud she tossed out into the rain
Will reveal a pearl
She never knew she had
To only be picked up by someone
    who never ever expected to get anything
Who will love and appreciate
What they got
Because a creature God has made
    has no shame
And that rainbow will come back

By:  Roger Harkness


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