When I lay with her
Look into her eyes
I see a smile like heaven in my eyes
A peaceful joy that warms me through to my cold bones
How do I deserve this?
She asks me why I love her
I have no reply
What do I know what makes her smile and how It takes me far away from any worry or care
What do I know when she holds me
I feel heaven
all over and through me
How can I explain why when I don't even know how
Each time I look upon her
She says what
I want you - that's what
I want you always in my eyes and in my arms
To feel heaven - and never let it go
That smile again
so brightly fills my life
From the nothingness I once had
I'm so glad to have you
I only wish I had the words to tell you
So you will know without a doubt
I'm yours
Believe it

By: Roger Harkness


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