Beware Of The Looser

He came riding on his horse
He was so strong
You were so weak
You was looking at a looser
But seeing a hero
His words would shut your mouth
You had to listen in
His hands were big and strong
But held you gently
Oh how you wanted to lay in his arms
He got you moving in
Because you wanted to live with him
You loved him
And didn't mind cleaning the house
Fixing his food
Bringing the paycheck home too
He could not find a job
He was depressed
You understood

One day you had to work late
He stood at the door
And you knew
You worked too late

He saw how the boss looked at you
As you tried to explain
He hit you with pain
The bills were late
You had to do overtime
He wasn't good enough
As your nose broke
I loved you
As you crashed into the kitchen table

    Oh my sweet daughters
    Dreams of security can break your heart
    And break your face
    Be yourself
    See people the way they really are
    And you won't be fooled by anyone

    By:  Roger Harkness


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