Born To Be Free

Backed into a corner
I can't be me
Can't be free
No body will let me
I'm a married man
Just trying to be friendly
But they think evil of me
In the name of morality
They must be better than me
But the truth be known
No one is to blame
But me
I should have never got stuck here
how was I to know
Someday I would come to know
    and see
And know I need to be free

Born to be free
With eyes to see
I let the tough guys make a fool of me
I searched
For security
Believing in the preacher man
Accepting things I could not see
I fell into that artificial land
A place of make believe rules
For no body
Ashamed of ourselves
Wishing we were born differently
Trying to be born again
In the name of Jesus
We hurt ourselves
Thinking that's the way it should be
Until one day I woke-up
And saw reality
Now I'm finding
It wasn't just me
But all of society
To be yourself
Is unacceptable
There must be something wrong
    with you man
You just don't understand

God you know
And on judgment day
they'll see
I'm glad you created me
But I'm just stuck in this corner
Unable to be free
I know I got myself here
    for fear
    and shame of me
There must be a way
    to get out of here
Without hurting any other
But what must be
Will be
I'll just wait and see

By:  Roger Harkness


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