She's a scientist
And I'm her specimen
She can't live the stories I tell
But she can observe
And knew them well
What is it that makes up a man
What is it about these women
That these men are attracted to
He'll destroy himself
Just to get near
Then there's those women
Just what do they see
In these men
To marry them
Over and over again
And game of catch and keep
I got you now
And you've got to try to get away
The getting is fun
They all like the having
But no one likes to be gotten
Seems silly to me
She says
How did this all come about
The perfect relationship
It's not ownership
You both have to be equally equal
and true love
Is it
Or isn't it
Could there be such a thing
But you'll observe
Just to see
If there really is

By:  Roger Harkness


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