Dead Birds

A tree stopped growing today
In a dark world with an artificial light
    What is it like in heaven
    I want to know how it should be on earth
    Love is a crime
    If you get caught
    You do time
Birds are dieing everywhere
If they can't fly
    They die
    And if we don't follow our instincts
        We don't fly
What a loss
What a waste
    You have created a natural way
    We believe it's not the correct way
Morality has replaced common sense
Loyalty has replaced a natural love for life
Responsibility has replaced being considerate
    As our hearts talk
    We don't listen
We have a way
That creates alcoholics
    Allows for child abuse and rape
    Divorce is much too often
        And marriage is much too scary
Somebody said I'm not seeing the truth
    I don't know
    But I know I can see the untruth

How many birds must die
Before they find your created way

God I'm not allowed to grow
Please don't let me die

By:  Roger Harkness


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