Do It Right

Put behind what you've been taught
Put away what you believe
Look inside you and see what is real
Within us is the knowledge of what should be
    and what should not
Then look around you
See what is happening
Study and learn
It's what the great teacher's teach
Peace comes when we understand
Adventure comes when we lend a hand
We help ourselves as we help others
As we give
We receive
We have needs
Only in this way can we be fulfilled
It's the way of salvation
Our creators plan
    It is love

Listen to what you want
Understand what you need
Know how it must be done
If you follow your hearts
    you will follow the plant
In the end
You'll meet God
As a friend
But there is only death for those who pretend and hide
As people die
Corruption grows
Good people are hurt by a self righteous delusion

By:  Roger Harkness


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