Don't Make My Mistake

Don't make no mistake
There is a right
There is a wrong
All the rules
Cannot be written down
It's up to you to be balanced
In a world that is not
Something might seem right
    You'll find nothing is completely right
Something might seem wrong
    You'll find that nothing is compeltely wrong
It's a bit confusing
As a battle wars on
I don't know how it will end
But you can't take sides
Because there isn't one
Best way I canexplain it
You have to love everyone
Don't make no mistake
There ain't no bad people here
We were all created equally fair
Nothing you have to fear
You only have to be careful
    And know your course to steer
You see, everybody thinks they're right
And everybody disagrees
Some choose to act bad
    Hating themselves
    They will probably hate you
Some are confused
    Not caring to see
    They probably won't see you
Then there's those who try
    But being guided by a lie
    They might offend you
    But be very careful not to hurt them
    Christ blesses them because they try
        and helps them when they cry
You might find yourself alone
There are few who can face reality
    in a real way
It's up to us
To learn why
    As we come to know
    We learn of the God who built the sky
    The Force that makes the storm blow
    the Spirit that talks to birds
        Telling them where to fly
    The Son, who taught the fish to swim
    Mother Nature, who keeps it together
Don't make no mistake
I've changed my mind
Over a hundred times
Been blinded over one hundred ways
Till finally I leanred
That truth can only be felt
When you hear words you cannot feel
Such words you cannot fulfill
Sometimes you have to fight
Sometimes you have to negotiate
Don't do nothing if your feelings aren't right
You have to fess-up to the fact
You can be wrong
You have to be strong
Standing up when you know you're right
This is true
You won't find it in a book
In every decision you make
To know the truth
Is to know what you feel

By:  Roger Harkness


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