Dream Writer

My mind blank with nothing to say
Color across the screen
I sit at my old desk
Brown and gray
My children chatter distractions in the other room
Wonder if I will ever buy those things I want
A shape flashes on the screen
I search for my pen under the rubble of junk mail
Looking on the floor, I see two raggedy tennis shoes
My daughter needs her shoes tied and coat zipped up
An idea presents itself on the screen
The hand writes while the mind dreams
On a TV talk show everyone wants my opinion
I have a big house on a self-reliant beautiful farm
    and it's paid for
Reading what's been written
It's not my own, source unknown
Could it be God inspired?
This is the best I have ever written
Type it up, put it in the mail
Help my wife fix my lunch for tomorrow

By:  Roger Harkness


You are free to print, copy or publish any of my poems for education and or charity without my permission (but - send me a note if you have the time). You are not free to print, copy or publish any of my poems for profit without my written consent. You may link my poetry to your website freely without my consent (but if you do, an email would be nice).  Always be sure to give credit to the author Roger Harkness.