Fall In Spirit City

Bricks crash through the window
A wrecking ball stops to look
What can it see
Blind eyes just walk by
Just another day in the streets of fall in spirit city
And these streets are so dirty
Awaiting the wind to blow it away
and rain to wash the tears away

Crawling to the future
with so many bills to pay
The water is clean
while the sunshine bleeds
Forgetting the needs
The seeds of destruction we are forced to pay

We are superheroes on a tv screen
Hating ourself
when giving in to what’s going around
Can anyone make this right
The eyes are all on us

Please don’t make a fuss
I’m building this wall
one brick at a time
When it crashes down
Will you still be around

Bodies are walking around
But no souls can be found
They just follow the rules
and its just another day in fall in spirit city

By: Roger Harkness


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