Follow That Man Who Taught A Rainbow

Acting like a clown
I found as I looked around
I had fallen down
Just wanting to be
Someone you’d like to see
When I just should have been
A gray sky
the lies
and the mask
And when you can’t put it in words
It’s time to put it to an end
So I took thirty four pills
And lived
don’t know why I’m around
As I carry this grave around
But I’ve left town
I cannot go back down
All I lack is reason
Out of season
Yet I am alive

Though you think I should be ashamed
That I am to blame
I will have no shame
As I follow that man who taught a rainbow
Because there is gold at the end I know
Because I lived

As we gather around that pot of gold
I hope to see you then
see each other as we are
not as we thought
we were back when

Roger Harkness


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