Games Are So Stupid

You're curved on top
Thin in the middle
And wide at the hip
When you look at me
You lick your lips
You're an artist woman
God created a great piece of work
You've enhanced it
And made it work
With hair that flows
Legs that grow
Eyebrows that are straight
Marbles in a picture frame
When you look out
A man can't help but look in
With a pair of wet looking lips
The outfits you wear
No man can look just once
They're all looking at you
You've captured them all
Oh, how it pleases you
But how few men can see you
It's a bit confusing
This is a lot of fun
But this isn't what you want
Like a rich man
Who wonders what he can learn being poor
Just once
You would like to make it with a blind man
And oh
How you like the shy men
But this man is a dangerous one
He only enjoyed the view
But sees inside you
I'll let you take me to bed
And enjoy it too
Let you think I couldn't help it
But when you discover I can see you
You'll run, but find no place to hide
I'll be hurt
But I won't die
But until you love yourself
You can never love me
I swear I care
I'm only here to be there
I want you to know
It's lonely here
To be able to love
When there's no one that can love you
And to see you is okay
Nothing about you
Bothers me
Some kind of misconception
The cloths cover up the shame
And for some stupid reason
Everybody's playing this stupid game
Men have an ego
Feelings inside hide
Making them small in size
But women pride themselves
In their disguise
It might make you angry
that I don't pay attention to these rules
I don't even play the game
And I'm sorry
If you thought I was supposed to
You think
I just don't understand
But I do
Everybody in this world needs love
It might be hard for you to admit to
But so do you
You don't need nobody to own you
Believe me
I'm not looking for a piece of property
Just need some company
Somebody to hold in my arms
Someone I can talk to
And I think if you had been honest
You would know
That's all you wanted to
Because we all have something inside of us
We need to share
With someone else

By:  Roger Harkness


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