Hey, God person
What you create today?
  and where the hell were you yesterday
Telling me I would be more successful
  and happier being your way
But I'm not complaining

What are you going to do about the starving?
Will you bother to show them how?
They don't have the donations
  I have to offer

On the last day
When God asks you,
How are you going to say?
What mountains have you moved?
What storm have you tamed?
Have you helped others
  or have you just helped yourself?
Receiving fame from the fools who follow you
They're just as blind as you

I'm not understanding why.
People aren't watching clouds pass by
Birds flying high
Trees don't grow
When they bow down
to people like you.
Veins of the path lie beneath the skin,
If people would just look within.
The grass we walk on
Without caring to see
Can show us about you and me.
Look eye to eye,
and see every side of a round world.
Each truth has a different color,
All colors feel differently,
Each feeling has a path
Going the same direction
Reaching up.
We can reach out
Learning what it's all about.
Darkness is seeing your own hunger,
And not caring about another.
With hearts shut off and turned inward,
We can't look at the pain of another
Without understanding.
We just hurt each other,
But you are taken care of
Aren't you?
With your heart drunken with all their attention
Your pockets filled with all their money
You're a happy successful man
At peace, giving yourself to God
You're rewarded for sharing with us the plan
  you have only given yourself to vanity man
Looking up to you to fill their hunger
They're too blind to see the scam

I'm not one to criticize
God knows I'm no perfect man
But I do claim to understand
You want to follow Jesus
Give all you own to the poor
  and wear the shoes of the homeless
Jesus had nothing
  and showed us everything
He truly belonged to the Father
Didn't have to bother asking for anything
Without the help of broadcasting equipment
His words reached around the world
Under many tons of pressure
He sweat tears of blood
He did
But you don't
He cared
You won't
To claim you follow him
Isn't fair
You want to help
Stop taking our money
Stop putting us down
Jesus didn't
And you shouldn't
Without knowing the name of the son of man
Buddha followed his words more than you
Won't you be surprised when Jesus says to you
I never knew you

Blessed is the one who tries to follow the way of Jesus
But isn't always able to
Cursed is the one who tells us to
But doesn't
Forgiving us of our sins
Who's going to forgive you?

Jesus had no credit account
Retirement fund
or limousine to take him about
Without all that
You say he saved the world
  or did he just save you?
Preaching his words
You've obtained all that
When are you going to give it back?
There's only so much to go around
Why should you have all that?
Who's going to save the poor from you?
We don't need more people like you.

Do you really know the truth?
Do you care
Do you really want to help
Doing the work of the gospel?
Stop your preaching
Pay your taxes like Jesus told you to
Get down here
  and help out

Have you ever wondered why Jesus was a friend
  to your sinners?
Why he was an enemy
  to you?
Instead of fessing-up
You had to try to shut him up
After you had him nailed up
He asked the Father to forgive you
Even one of your sinners
At his side
Jesus was not ashamed
He even took him
With him
Judge yourself honestly
You must think you're better then me
Jesus didn't see it that way
Why should you?

What is the truth?
To see each other eye-to-eye
What is the plan?
To understand
What is the way?
To give each other
  a helping hand

Does it hurt you
  for me
  to put you down?
Don't do it to me
Eye to eye
  is the way
We can all make it be

By sharing
We are taking
  all the hurt, pain and hunger away

It could be a good day
Seeing the grass we walk on
Seeing every side of a round world
You will even see God around
Feeling each color of every truth
God will speak right to us
We will find everybody doing the same thing
  for the same reason
As God guides us
As God guides every other living thing
  that surrounds us
Being back in the Garden of Eden
The Kingdom of Heaven
Jesus taught was within
  will now be on earth
  as it is in heaven

By reaching in
We can reach out
By sharing what is within us
We will take it out

By: Roger Harkness


You are free to print, copy or publish any of my poems for education and or charity without my permission (but - send me a note if you have the time). You are not free to print, copy or publish any of my poems for profit without my written consent. You may link my poetry to your website freely without my consent (but if you do, an email would be nice).  Always be sure to give credit to the author Roger Harkness.


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