"God" The Sum Total Of All Things

Good things come from understanding
Evil things come from misunderstanding

I will ask a question
How do we know if we are understanding?
    or misunderstanding?

Fools will try to tell me the answer
But the wise will ask themselves

If all were wise
All would ask themselves
Asking themselves
All would find answers
Finding answers
All would learn understanding
If all learned understanding
All would be good

Jesus was put to death because of misunderstanding
If his death saved us
We were saved by misunderstanding

Jesus told us to be as he has been
And most of the people who believe we are saved by misunderstanding
    are nothing like Jesus
I think it's because they're living a misunderstanding

Jesus knew he was going to die
    Because he was understanding
Jesus with all his wisdom and power
    could have destroyed his slayers
    he didn't
    Because he was understanding
Before he died
    He asked, "Father forgive them
    For they know not what they do"
    He understood

Then there are those who close their eyes
    Refusing to see pain
    Pretending to see only beauty
    For the sake of their peace

Yet we live in a world where
    The rich get greedier
    The poor live bitterly
    Marriages become broken dreams
    Children are beaten from the start
    As adults struggle to put themselves back together
    Men are pressured, being put up high
    Women are crippled, being put down low
        Children are afraid of molestation
        Women are afraid of rape
        and all in fear of robbery
        Finding corruption
            in everything we try to believe in
        We have bombs aimed against bombs
        and the natural order of things
            our sustenance of life
            is ignored

Open your eyes
Question what you see
    and learn to understand
Acting upon this understanding would bring true peace

There is a hell
Jesus visited it
Misunderstanding put him through it
Jesus who let himself be sacrificed gracefully
    taught us understanding
The only way to be saved
Is to be understanding
    Like Jesus

By:  Roger Harkness

However, this I believe to be true: We will not destroy ourselves. The same Spirit who sent Jesus, being the sum total of all things, will not allow it; having a greater understanding then we could imagine,  there is a plan beyond our sight.


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