Got To Shed Some Light On The Dark Side

Jesus sat with the sinners
The sinners became saints
I entered the dark side
    in my sleep
Strange but neat
Something we all have to face sometime, at night
With courage
Make it right

A beautiful lady
    a hundred and ten
    but looked like she was 21
Living way back far
    on a farm
A lonely place
wasn't many people there
I was given a place to sleep
I was invited over for a beer
The husband said, "You got to make love to her"
I did
I bleed
Her face turned old
She laughed
I companied, "You deceived me and I bleed
    you've frightened me, that makes me mad"
I thought about it for awhile by myself
    She didn't hurt me that bad
    Maybe she wasn't
    that bad
I came back to her
She was a beauty in pursuit
I held her tight
    Said, "You look so good
    you shouldn't be so bad"
She smiled and said
    "I'm glad you're not mad"
So I left her there
Walking down the road of my dark side of night
Girls were stoning old ladies
With a sad look on my face
I said, "Stop that, that's not nice"
    "We're sorry," they said
    "It's okay, just don't do it no more"
Down an alley way
Beasts were approaching
Knowing I had to tame them
I was afraid
Knowing fear would be my defeat
I awoke
Rising from my bed
I smiled
Knowing I made something right

By:  Roger Harkness


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