Has Anyone Seen Her

I knew a wall
Thought I saw a window
Didn't see the bars
As I stood there looking
I saw - the shades were pulled
Oh God
How could this be
She promised me

I I could just climb this wall
Claim it as my own
Slowly break it down
Getting inside - I'd plant flowers
And set the butterflies free
Oh God
How beautiful it would be

But in the mortar was planted glass
Slipping and falling
I sat on the ground and cried
Peering out through the window
the tears - the blood
she would concern herself not
To herself she said "He's a fool"
And left

But god - I loved her
My brother - I didn't want another
Dad - I broke no laws
Mom - Weren't you proud of me

She looks around - and with displeasure
No answer is found
If she's just look down - she'd see
She has what it takes - to set herself free
If her left hand she holds the lock
In her right - she has the key

God - we all think we're so smart
We think we see
That is when you blow that horn
What destruction there will be
As that wall crumbled to the sea
And if I were there - It'd fall on me
Woe will she be as she struggled to stay afloat
But if she'll cry out to you
You'll take her to the island
Where everyone has a place
And love is free
I hope I will be there to meet her

By:  Roger Harkness


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