Having Faith In The Wind

Looking up to see what I could see
Clouds roll across the sky
Taking different shapes
Don't we

I can be what the wind blows me to be
or be what the wind does not make me

I'm living a small man
Acting big only made me smaller
Being myself makes me cute
I can look smart if I want to
But I would not be
Being myself makes me see
I'm brave enough to be nice
And I can see enough to know you're not

You pretend to be smart and act tough
Your pretending proves you're not
Afraid to care
You don't have the guts to share
I'm not wrong
But strong enough to let that bother me

Your life is not my business
Not unless you let it be
All I can do is go my way
And hope someday you'll see

As for me
I have faith in the wind
Letting it take me where it has
Not hiding from what it wants of me
It knows what's best for me
Knowing that there isn't anything in this world great enough
Having faith
Not a thing can take my life from me
When I rain
The grass will grow

By:  Roger Harkness


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