I'm Still A Nice Guy

I once was cute in your eyes
But now I'm a bad man
In the eyes of a good woman
A man of pain
To a woman of hurt

I want to hold you
And tell you
I'm really a nice guy
And if you would let me
I'd give you a glass of sunshine
But you closed the door
You don't want me no more

A sacrifice to live
Someday you'll learn
And forgive
It is righteous to die
It is wrong to be happy
And fly
A bad home
Is no home
I came from one
I know

I know you did want me
But you just can't believe me
And you don't want to see me
But when the cards are laid
Everybody will see
I didn't have
A bad hand
Another woman will come along
She'll be strong
She'll help me along
She'll know
I wasn't wrong

By:  Roger Harkness


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