The light shines through clouds of illusion
As little boys kill themselves trying to grow
Little girls laugh as little boys act like men
And women chuckle when grown men act like little boys
Self righteousness people acting as if they are better than us
They're no good to anybody
But fools will follow anything
As long as it's loud
    and gives them something to believe
On television, the all American family
    has had another good day
A woman cannot see her beauty
    seeing man as something sinful
A man feels cheated
A woman holds out for love
    and is raped

    if a child is allowed to be born
    it will be beaten and put in its place
    by some miracle this child will grow up
As an adult
Will this child find love, or bondage

Where does it lead?
When does it end?
Why is this happening?

By:  Roger Harkness


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