I Opened Up To You
    You Cut Me Apart

I gave you my wall
But you're still on my mind
I can see you watching me
Looking away
As I turn to see you
But I still avoid you
As I feel the scars of the wound
Fearing I might come around
Afraid of ourselves and each other
You want to talk to me
But you don't know what to say
I won't let you
Can't be hurt like that again
Too proud to apologize
Or do you think I should
I don't believe it was I
    who has a problem
But maybe you could explain
Why you felt
You had to cause such pain

You think love grows on trees
I shared my world with you
I may not have pride
But I sure have feelings
I may not cry
But I sure hurt inside
What makes you think you have the right
To hurt somebody who's being nice
Obviously you don't know me
Maybe you think you're above me
You haven't walked in my shoes girl
Haven't seen the things I've seen
Just a child
Being proud of what you think you know
But take head and learn well
The next time you meet such a sensitive man
You don't have to love him
Only be gentle
When you don't want him around no more
It was wrong to hurt me so

By:  Roger Harkness


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