Is There Something Wrong

Finding self respect
    in the amount of friends you obtain
Believing nothing but acknowledging everything
Loyalty is a sin
And seriousness is not living
The only thing you can understand is having fun

How long
How long can you go on
I think no
This can't be
And I'm afraid of what might happen to you
There's a blank spot inside your head
Shielded with lead
Nothing can get to you
    Except sometimes
    Small simple things
    Cause you pain
And I don't want to be around
    When you have your melt down

Whatever will be
Will be the way you make it
At nighttime I dream frightening dreams
And I hope you don't go down
While I'm around

If there is anyway I could show you
Trying to stay away
You come around with your smile
    as if to save me
I'm so unsure of what I see
I just can't believe it

By:  Roger Harkness


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