It Ain't Fair

I've loved a hundred people
Who has loved me
I've cared
And if anybody was hurt
I was there
To help anyways I could
They've turned their back
Shut me off
Closed themselves up
It ain't fair
I've burdened 2,000 hurts
    in 28 years
Listening as they shed their fate
They say
You got to take care of number one
They never said that
    when they're needing someone
I'm hurting
Needing some love
And there no one, here
All alone
Just me and my pain
In their thoughts
I've done something wrong
I suppose they haven't
Have I hurt 100 people
Did I cause 2,000 pains
But God you know
You can see in my heart
You know what's there
I'm telling you
This ain't fair

By:  Roger Harkness


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