It Kills Me

You say I'm running
You say I'm hiding
It's true
I'm running
I'm hiding
From you
I could die
Maybe I'm killing myself
A hundred love can make a heart explode
Do you know a better way to die
I know a better way to live
But this world doesn't know how to be free
And it kills me

Everybody thinks I'm weak
And I need their help
It's true
But they don't know who is weaker
Them or me
I know
And they are not fooling me
I can see

Yes, please help me
Because that's helping yourself
I'm the inner self
On the outside
The part you sacrifice
That part that needs you
But out of social acceptance
Status quo
All that stuff you think you know
    You will put me out
    Or you will put me down
    You'll stand up
    And look down
Judgment sears the soul
Don't you know
We need us

By:  Roger Harkness


You are free to print, copy or publish any of my poems for education and or charity without my permission (but - send me a note if you have the time). You are not free to print, copy or publish any of my poems for profit without my written consent. You may link my poetry to your website freely without my consent (but if you do, an email would be nice).  Always be sure to give credit to the author Roger Harkness.


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