I've Been Touched

Share what you got
Forget yourself
And get lost
Into another
Just for a moment
But it's not that simple
When you've been touched on the inside
A light you can't shut out
Flutters in your heart
As you try to sleep for the night
If there was just someone I could hold tight
I could get me some sleep tonight
    If you can hear me
    If you can see me
    Hold me
    Because I've been touched
    And I can't find no peace
    Till I touch another
    But you too will go soft
    Finding yourself in need of another
    It's called love
    And it is here
    So that we should help each other
Because when you've been touched
You can't hurt another

By:  Roger Harkness


You are free to print, copy or publish any of my poems for education and or charity without my permission (but - send me a note if you have the time). You are not free to print, copy or publish any of my poems for profit without my written consent. You may link my poetry to your website freely without my consent (but if you do, an email would be nice).  Always be sure to give credit to the author Roger Harkness.


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