Judgment Day Is Just Around The Corner

Words can kill and you've had your fill
Murdered a hundred and your killing them still
Telling your lies and stinking air
Making gray skys 
A storm will come after you

The condemned and unforgiven
Live in a land of unliven
Where snakes hold up and the lizards crawl
Where the sun don't shine
Wall to wall
Ain't no living among the unforgiven
No life at all
Nothing living

At high rise of the moon
Piercing stars hide out of site
And it all comes out in the moonlight

In this rocky place
There is no water anyplace
There is no rest in this place
Don't want to come here
Don't want to be here
You don't want to go there
You don't want to be there
Don't want to be in this place

Make it good before its done to you
You don't want what you done
Done to you
Better make it good today
For judgment day is tomorrow

By Roger Harkness
The Okcitykid


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