Life On Planet Earth

A fish gets caught when it takes the bait
The fisherman throws it back
A fly gets caught in a spider web
The spider will attack
And an elephant is frightened by a mouse

Just when we thought we understood
We thought we knew our place
And knew for what to stand

A raging bull tripped over a rainbow
and got hurt
It never raged again
A roaring lion got its feelings hurt
When a blue bird told it to be quiet
It never roared again
And a big old giant oak tree was chopped down

Two people cannot live together
A mother kills her baby
A father leaves his child
And people are afraid to love

Do we produce food
Will we refuse to eat
Why will we not love
and be loved

Our inner selves die
While our body lives on
The fate of our dead selves
is in our own hands

By:  Roger Harkness


One of my earlier poems I wrote when I was a teenager. When my dad read it he said that I was too negative 
and idealistic, he said he once was like that also.

Lets brake this down, art is painting a picture, we don't make it up, we just portray it so others can see it. Can't 
help that this world is negative. I grew up on food stamps and state aid and had to constantly listen to how those 
people on food stamps and state aid are, even from my own father who was responsible for us being on food stamps 
and state aid by leaving us. It was never the way Disney said it would be, there was never a happy ever after. Maybe 
if my dad didn't stop playing his guitar and singing his songs he might understand my poetry, better yet, maybe he 
could have stuck around and taught me how to be more positive. Any ways, I hope you like the poem and sorry if it 
is negative.


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