Make It Good Man

You can blame it on me
You can tell me you're free
Excuses are made so easily
Apologize and still not see

Forgiveness isn't mine to give
I'm not the one who needs to live
See it the way it really is

Don't just say you're sorry
Make it good man
It's only this that will make it end

If you only had a chance
You will prove to them
You're good man
But they remember when
And it will never end
You make it good man

Angry people want you dead
If your blood could save you
I would take it
But instead

Make it good man
It's the only thing that will make this whole mess end

By:  Roger Harkness


You are free to print, copy or publish any of my poems for education and or charity without my permission (but - send me a note if you have the time). You are not free to print, copy or publish any of my poems for profit without my written consent. You may link my poetry to your website freely without my consent (but if you do, an email would be nice).  Always be sure to give credit to the author Roger Harkness.


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