A tormented
Korean war child
Your father a marine
Your mother a prostitute
But you're proud of them
A clumsy man.
Who could hardly write.
    or read.
We could not believe the things you could see
You love God
And live by your instincts
I thank you for the things you're shown me:
Korea is long past gone
But your war goes on.
Searching for you,
I called your artificial American mother yesterday
She said you left
    and didn't know the way
Nobody cares.
Everybody's a liar,
You will not be like them
Poor as a beggar
You're worth more than Fort Knox
You will live on,
An honorably honest man
Who cares
And has taken the time to teach me.
Good luck on the battlefield
You who are the victor
In the end

By:  Roger Harkness


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