The Red White And Blue
Has Not Been True

When there's no breeze to be found
Oak trees bow down
Down to the ground
Candles burn outside
The Darkness has entered in

A hail of bullets insane
No longer any pain
I've lost all feeling
What have I gained
Memories full Of pain

It might be red white and blue
But it certainly hasn't been true
Its seems I've waited forever
For an end that's been extended
Just to go back again
Its been so long I can't remember
I think I'm just a lifeless member
Of this careless human race

What I do for me
I do for you
They say
Cuz I'm just property
Of the U S A

Victory is staying alive
Long enough to get home
And go to my room
Because it's the only place
I can now belong to me
What ever is left
We will have to see

By Roger Harkness
The Okcitykid


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