Only Love Is Kind

Security is blind
But love is kind
    and as strong as we try to be
    security is what we flock to see
We build a steeple
Believe in it
Thinking it will never fall
As we argue
And defend
Because security is blind
Only love is kind

Security crushes the small
Perverts the tall
Woe is cried
When everything falls

Love helps those who crawl
Along with the small
And the tall
Fight for what is right

At our secure steeple
We secure things
That don't seem to stay together
We say brave things
Not always true things
We won't be so brave anywhere else
We feel guilty
But feel good
Making others look worse
Not hearing the heart
Only the words from our human made steeple

Security is what we cling to
But only love is kind

By:  Roger Harkness


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