Ourself - A Part From Something Else

Study nature
The nature of ourselves
Not of them or they
But yourself

Two worlds
One on the inside
One on the outside
Nobody is immune
The outside infects the inside
While it is the inside that determines the outset
The outside expresses the inside
But the outside cannot understand the inside

Do the inside out
You'll get wiped out
Do the outside in
you'll never get in
Honesty is suicidal
In a dishonest world

Alone, on your own
You get stuck on yourself
It's a dead end to nowhere
Being nothing

We live by the water
    of our brother
We see thru the eyes
    of our sister
Live by the wings of a dove
    our mother
and the grace
    of our father
The truth
Is in the heart

By:  Roger Harkness


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