Passing The Life

Its the seedling and the tree
The sun and the moon
and me

The tree is so great and the seedling so precious
and me

The moon hides itself in the daylight
A cloud casts a shadow and a sun brakes free
and me

A sun shines so bright, a moon lights the night
and me

I want to be in the center of it all
I want to hide when the stars all fall
Anything can be secretly
  but when the world casts its doubt
  throwing blame and shame about
  it might be time to get out

But running away is not what its about says the tree and sun to me
When the seedling gets bold, they better look out, to you she will be gentle, no doubt
and for it will be for me what it should be about

Let the world cast its doubt, make blame and throw shame about
Because living is about passing life off to the next so they can get about
Let the world live to die as we, the tree, the seedling, the sun and moon and me go by.

By Roger Harkness
The Okcitykid


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