Playing Hide And Seek

We play a game of hide and seek
When I get close to hide away
I try to get away
That's when you come and seek me

It seems we want to take a bite of that apple
But we don't want the whole thing
You know
I want to hold you
But I don't want to hold you down
You're pretty confident
You can have me
But you won't take part of me
It's all or nothing
Yet you're always wanting something
But nobody is going to accuse you
    of stealing
What is it we want
    from each other

We'll play this game
For as long as it takes
Until we're tired
    of playing games

By:  Roger Harkness


You are free to print, copy or publish any of my poems for education and or charity without my permission (but - send me a note if you have the time). You are not free to print, copy or publish any of my poems for profit without my written consent. You may link my poetry to your website freely without my consent (but if you do, an email would be nice).  Always be sure to give credit to the author Roger Harkness.


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