Secret Rope Has Me Tied Down

You can't leave me
But you don't like the way I be
It makes you angry
That's not fair
You can't chop down this new born tree
I like me
If this world be a better place to be
I take care of those who reach out to me
With that help
I help myself
Looking to see
I'm not blinded by what people try to be
It's too bad you look up to me
Not being yourself
Trying to have me
A person who can't be owned
And I won't be

Can you give me everything I want
Can you give me everything I need
If you can
You must be God
If you're God
I will worship you
If you're not
You have no right to own my soul
You have your own soul to be
Let this one be
Let yourself free
And be yourself

By:  Roger Harkness


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