The Story Of A Flower
    Blossomed To Be Cut

One lamb in the flock
Most beautiful
    to a Shepard in disguise
She thought she had a place
She thought she had a friend
turned in
She was turned over
Jesus offered a spring of living water
They just offered a glass of bitter wine
She was asked to offer a gift
But she was much too stiff
And this drink is making me sick

Make no mistake
It pleased them more to take

    She was ripped


    Shorn of her glory
By a Shepard in disguise
By a friend she thought she had
In return she bled, hurt and cried
Thinking that she should
She didn't know why
Just a lamb
Blooming to beauty
A follower of a man
Unsuspecting of his folly
And "by-golly" they thought
We can use her
    abuse her
She is must loyal
But not as gullible
    as they thought
Thinking no-one would believe her

Let it be said
No man should be trusted
To lead any of His flock
Instead of looking to be led
We will look to learn instead

By:  Roger Harkness


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