The Way

    A preacher preaches that we should voluntarily give up our self for God.

    We have wants, because of unsatisfied hidden needs bottled up inside.
    When a little bit of that comes out; the preacher says we have sinned.

    Feeling guilty within; we are no good for no one.

    Without the caution and guilt provided by the preacher, we may develop a barbarous nature

    But honestly, we can truthfully thank God for the guilt and caution provided to us for being what we were created to be.

    God sent to us his very own son to be humiliated, suffer, and die; so that when we did sin (being our own self), we could
be forgiven. Man - what a terrible, unjust father. Obviously God screwed up when he made humankind, and he's using his own
son to cover it up. God I don't want to be me - just let me die.

    But God I thank you for the freedom I have. I don't have to believe anything unless it makes sense to me. I can search, find and discover
truth for myself.

    I thought I found it. There was an older teaching that I found that teaches about two gods. One god is a false god; who created our body.
A body that always wants to sin. And a true God; the creator of our soul. Our soul being in constant conflict with our body. And Jesus, the Son
of the True God who came to be humiliated, stuffer and die so that we may be free came the resurrection. That makes more sense, I thought for
sure I had the truth.

    Without question, thought or prayer - for no reason what-so-ever. I had this dream one night: I saw nothing, but only heard a voice that said,
"It is true that the body is made by the false god, but the false god also created the soul. This continues to happen, but God takes us and
remakes us as if we were a ball of clay and makes us His own. This process takes time." I woke up. That was the whole dream, one paragraph.

    So what is the way: God take us and remakes us His own as if we were a ball of clay. I don't know how, I don't know what Jesus has to do
with this. Several years have gone by, and I have thought, searched and prayed, and I still don't know how, or what Jesus has to do with this process.
But then I thought, if I did know how; I could then tell which church was true and which church was false. I could tell which religion was false, and
what one was true. Yes, I could even know what system of beliefs was right or wrong. I'm just little Ole me, maybe it's better off I not know.
God knows I ain't no saint.

    So I have come to believe that every church, religion, teaching and set of beliefs leads all those who honestly seek on THE WAY.

By:  Roger Harkness


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