Tin Foil And Iron Pillars Covered With Paper

Unlike most men
I'm covered with foil
So easily unwrapped
So easily crushed
Unlike most women
You're built up with iron pillars
Wrapped with strong paper
Men break in
    without thinking nothing of it
But you have construction paper
    to patch it
When I came along
You just opened right up
Just sitting there listening
I found myself unwrapped
Just wanted to hold you so much
Didn't understand why
Didn't bother to question
Because I child doesn't wonder
What makes candy so sweet
All those rainbows I've experienced
Telling it to the blind
Thought they would know about it
But never experiencing it
They couldn't see it
But twisted it into something they could see
It was air pollution
They tried to tell me
It was crushing me
With blood pressure high
I was feeling pretty sick
    just wanted to die
Needed you to hold me
You wouldn't have wanted that
You wasn't my mother
I wouldn't allow it

There was a time once
I used to believe
It was wrong to be covered up
To be left to need
But I learned
It's the only way in this world
To survive and be

With time, a lot of talking
    and a whole lot of thinking
I'm okay
Just wanted you to know
Men aren't bad
Just covered and inside
And women are lovely
But lovelier inside
And someday there will come a time
When we will no longer
    have to hide

By:  Roger Harkness


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