You've Only Learned To Think You're Smart

Foolishness looks up to people
Foolishness looks down at people
But wisdom looks at people
Seeing them the way they really are

Some can't see
    Too busy, being proud
Some can't see
    too busy, putting them self down

They're teaching theories in school
Theories of people who are searching too
We are all learning in this world
Whether we want to or not
Things happen
That show us
Whether we see them or not

I don't care if you've been to school
What they're teaching, ain't the golden rule
Trying to teach you to learn
But you became a fool

I don't know all the answers
But neither do you
There is no way you can be right
If you can never be wrong
You can't learn nothing
If you think you already do

By:  Roger Harkness


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