The Victim of a Dieing Bird

The victim of a heart break
I dropped a brick on you
But what has to be
    has to be
Says a dying bird
Cause this man's got to fly
I played trick or treat
You just wanted to play house
I've been a mouse
Sort of a miniature louse
Didn't know myself
Tried to play
Tried to convince myself
I kept loosing
You kept winning
I kept dieing
Don't know why I made you happy
    or why I was so unhappy
Let's be fair
Not that I don't care
But it's my turn
There were others before I came along
You just picked wrong
I'm just sorry
It took me so long
I know you're going to be sorry you lost me
You're going to wish you never knew me
But when it's all said and done
If you still believe in my then
I'll always be there
To be your friend

By:  Roger Harkness



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