I'm Walking, But I'm Not Saying

I'm walking without talking
Got something to tell you
But there are no words to explain
What I have to say
There's strange feelings in my chest
All mush inside
So often I want to cry
More often I laugh
Don't mind having all these feelings
But how do I tell you
With no words to explain
As I walk without talking
Not sure where I'm going

I feel for you
I feel for all
Differently for every different one
Don't know if its good or bad
Sometimes happy
Sometimes sad
It's kinda neat
Not sure where I'm  at or walking to
There's a drug for this
Some people might think
Wanting to stop me in the street
Stop my walking feet
Asking where I'm going
Sorry, I'm not knowing
Only believing its where I'm supposed to be at

I'll be fine, get there in time
If no one condemns me before I get there
Not able to explain this path I walk

When you cry
I'm not far
When you fear
I am here
Can't read your mind
But I can feel your thoughts

By Roger Harkness
The Okcitykid


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