What's Inside Of You

Those who live long wish to die soon
Those about to die wish to live long
Its never right
Why is everything always wrong
So who wrote the rules
I have a few things to say to that one
They say be happy
So be happy
and they find something you did wrong
Then they will say
It is because we love you
What's up with this always finding something wrong song
Just go on
Pay no attention
Nothing to see here
Except fear
Afraid to say what is on your mind
Afraid they will laugh at you for
A long long time
The straight road is square
A crooked road is wasteful
And I have a bucket full of things to save
No place to store them
Do you have room for me
Will you be my friend
Oh I'm sorry
Did I ask you to sin
You can blame me for what you feel
And I'll take my pill
But there is a darkness inside of you
The light may never fill

By:  Roger Harkness


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