Yep, You Told Me

A plane crashed
Between Chicago and LA
It's all my fault
I didn't do the pre-check
I'm a bit shook-up

Oh Bea
You tried to warn me
You said, "Young man,
    This plane has got to crash
    It don't have no pilot
    It's running out of gas"
I said, "Bea,
    You just don't see
    I'm flying this plane
    And the gas will last"
But the engines started to putter
My mind began to flutter
As I held onto the wheel
If it had to smash
I'll die with it
That's the only thing I could see
Then I said,
    "Wait a minute
    what am I doing
    I have to jump"

You know Bea
I'm an injured man
But I'm a living man
That's the way it should be
But the wounds will heal
Again I'll feel
And I don't know
Guess I'll have to see

By:  Roger Harkness


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