The First American, Came From Heaven, Born in China

It was a half century before Christ
In the land of Lu
the first American was born
Everybody knew
King Kiu
Confucius to you
A discarded son of an aristocrat
The hierarchy of the land
He preached human justice
In a time of human sacrifice
He taught gentlemanliness
In a time of barbarism
He cried there was too much fighting
In a time where there was too much war
He walked across China
Teaching kings who refused to learn
As a Minister of Justice
It was said the land of Lu was paradise
A place of peace and justice
Men did not steal from one another
Because they did not want to
The evil duke became a corrupter
He gave up his post
Built schools
He taught the rich, the poor
He taught the aged, the child
Not math and science
But the art of people respect
Human justice and fair government
He claimed corruptness would end
When we can vote for our leaders
Someday you will see
China will be free
with the help of an American
Who lived long ago
In the land of Lu
King Kiu
Confucius to you
    He left behind a legend
    Teachings we could learn too

By:  Roger Harkness

I've read all of the teachings of Confucius, he was a brilliant man, so I wrote this for him.  But I suppose he did not see
that if we got to vote for our leaders, their would be lies, deceit and fraud.  But things are much better now than they were
way back there in China. Confucius was in fact the first American and someday maybe China will follow his way.


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