To The Children

One thing I can tell you for sure
You got to be yourself
You can't grow-up
    and be something else
Don't ever believe you'll ever reach a time
    When you're all grown-up
There is no such thing
There is no such place
Maturity isn't something you gain
But something you discover
    has been inside you all the time
Maturity is when you know you've done something wrong
    and you can say you're sorry
Maturity is when another person cries
    It makes you cry
    Another person hurts
    It makes you hurt
    Another person is happy
    It makes you happy
Maturity is knowing that you could be wrong
    Being gentle with yourself
    Having an open mind
    Listening to others
    Listening to yourself
    You'll see the proof
        And know the answers
    As something more greater
        than you can know
        guides you on a path you cannot see
Maturity is when you can love
    and love freely
    someone who may not be like you
    believe the same things as you
    see the same things you see
    someone who may not even like you
        Don't believe that love hurts
    Only misunderstanding
    Not understanding
    That hurts
        Sometimes we think we love
    but we don't
        When you think someone has to be like you
        before you can love them
    it's not true
        if anybody thinks you have to change
        before they can love you
    it isn't so

One thing I can tell you for sure
You have to be yourself
God created you
To be what you are
Not something else
For a purpose you cannot see
You have to love yourself
As yourself
    and love others
    just the way they are
God didn't create bad people
People did that
They're just not being what God created them to be
God never condemned us
but sent Jesus to show love to us
Wouldn't you think that hating ourself
    causes the creator pain
You think maybe instead
    we could be thankful
It is us who do the condemning
Believe in God
By believing in yourself
Do the will of God
By being yourself
Love and believe in others the same way
That's maturity
When everyone is mature enough
    to love each other
Things will be the right way

By:  Roger Harkness


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