You have a wife, five kids and two jobs
And your wife can't have that new dress
The neighbors help with toys and cloths
For the kids
because you helped them start their car
It wasn't like this in upper state New York
Where the price of land was fair
It didn't cost that much to live there
But here
The rich man
Isn't rich enough
He has to be richer
That makes you poor
You don't understand
As you truck down Ocean Drive
You see the yachts
Big houses and nice cars
Why do you give so much of yourself
And have so little
They give nothing
And have everything
Your wife loves you with supper on the table
and a cup of coffee
The kids sure love to wrestle with you
on the living room floor
I wonder who really has more
And who will be more sorry in the end
When what we have truly earned
is given

By: Roger Harkness


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