A New Earth
    With A Pink Sun

It's a happy day
It's a warm soft rain
Sprinkling my body
Washing off my pain

    Now stand
    Rise to a pink sun
    Command the flowers to bloom
    Direct the birds in song

One more chance
A new earth
You will not hurt

    Kiss the ground
    Take nothing down
    Milk and honey
    Fruits and berries
    Will be your food

Teach your sons
Teach your daughters
    About the new earth
    And pink sun

Teach them
    How their forefathers
    Didn't care
    About the other one

In a great anger
    The old earth got sick
    And threw-up
    Ice water washed it clean
    A death of life
    Chilled us to the bone
    To be awakened here
    All alone
    A law giver charged us
    To take care of
This one

A new earth
With a pink sun

By:  Roger Harkness


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